Charlie Ashby – Latin Percussion

13907122_10157371557420232_673512553601514284_nName: Charlie Ashby

Instrument: Latin Percussion

Description: The frenetic percussive energy that gives The Brasshoppers it’s extra fizz.

What do you love about playing with The Brasshoppers?: The Vibe / Good energy on Stage – you feel fully supported, such a great bunch of guys.

What annoys you the most about The Brasshoppers?: Trying to get anything done. ?

Musical Influences: I love them all for different reasons.

If you were a movie character who would you be?: It’s got to be – Jason Bourne – ha, ha!

Half full or half empty: Well, I probably drank the other half so it’s all good!

With or without?: Without – less is more

Major or minor?: A minor/C major (they’re both the same). Before you ask yes I do have my grade 8 theory – don’t start

In or out?: The Hokey Cokey!!

Find out more about Charlie here

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